Challenging myself. 2018


If you read my previous post you will have seen that each month I have been setting myself some goals/challenges that I can keep up as part of every day life. All in aid of making my life feel more fulfilled.

Coming to the end of 2017, I didn’t all of a sudden decide to make a new years resolution for 2018. After all, my whole life has been a mass of failed resolution attempts. Some have lasted a few months and others have been put into the dump before the new year had ended. Every year I think this is my year and at the end of each year I think to myself what has this year been? Where did it go? What have I done? So, it was coming toward the end of December and I had heard about the R.E.D (Run Every Day) January campaign to raise money and awareness for the Mind charity. My friend, Serena had decided she was going to do it as she runs most days anyway. After researching a little bit, the challenge wasn’t specifically to run every day but to do SOME exercise each day. I thought that this was going to be easy to do. After all, just going to the shops would count in my situation… easy, right? WRONG! I wasn’t taking into account how my medical conditions would affect my success so instead of beating myself up, I decided that I would make up for any “impossible” days so that I didn’t feel like I’d let myself (and the whole point of taking the challenge on) down.


red jan
It was hard but it was so rewarding!


Serena Kept me going. Her positivity, support and dedication were truly inspiring. I know that she battled all sorts of weather, juggling a job, social life and being needed in some very difficult situations yet she made the task look easy! She is one of the people that so often prop me up and she has seen me in all sorts of states yet never been put off. She’s my life magnet!


A picture of my life magnet and all round legend, Serena on her 31st run in a month!


Towards the end of the challenge in January I was having a discussion with Serena and I explained how good it felt (despite the poorly days) to have something to achieve, something to focus on and something to create a mental wellness. Together we came up with the idea of doing “Feel Fab Feb” which meant we could highlight what made us feel good and give a moment of appreciation to those things in the form of photos on Instagram. Basically creating a portfolio of “pick me ups” if needed for future reference. I also felt this was extremely deserved for my friend who had put herself, her legs and feet through a gruelling month! She deserved to feel extra fab!




Back in January, I had also thought of something for March. Make time. Over the festive period it never feels too much to spend quality time with people you love, to enjoy the snuggled evenings with candles lit and films on, to give gifts to people, to write cards/messages to those you wish to send some festive cheer to, to play games and laugh until your tummy hurts. We do it because it feels good to give joy to those around us so why does it stop when the festive period is over? Why is it that all of a sudden we take the decorations down, we return to a form of “normality” and the joy often falls into the shadow of the demands of every day life, like they are a distant memory. Occasionally something will pop up like a birthday balloon filled with helium but as quick as it goes up, another day is over.

My theory, for lack of a better term, is that by making time to do things that you only would do on occasion,  you will feel the joy of giving to and receiving from others. You will have spaces that you really appreciate at home or at work and you will be able to achieve things so great that the warm fuzzy feeing of Christmas stays with you… and you wont feel exhausted afterwards either!

So, this march I decided to specifically make time for small changes that don’t all need doing at once.

Mundane housework – you know, like not letting the washing pile up, dust and hoover more regularly, sort the kitchen cupboards out, set the house up so it’s comfortable and functional… which I feel we have neglected for ages. It’s definitely time to shake things up a bit.

Reading. There are blogs, books and articles that I really want to make the time to read. I figured that constantly adding to a pile that I haven’t at least chipped away at just results in an overwhelming amount of material that just gets thrown to one side… I currently don’t have a huge pile but at least if I make a start, the pile wont become overwhelming. I really enjoy reading so this was an obvious choice.

Exercise and fresh air. These kind of go hand in hand. I have a treadmill at home for the days I am able and wanting to run but I really wanted to make the time to go and appreciate the outdoors. This is something I am really loving! I started this in the middle of February to be honest. For Serenas birthday she wanted to go on a treetop walk. It was so so lovely that I felt inspired to make it a “thing” and Mr LGD is a huge fan of the outdoors so I guess its a win win.

Writing. This blog speaks for itself on the writing element. I have so many ideas and pre penned material to add in this little space of mine (and yours) of the web. I really hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing.

Cooking. I will confess that I am not the best/most inventive cook – I’m a bit of a sucker for baking and decorating cakes, making cheesecakes and basically cooking very simple dishes. I like to follow recipes and do things that seem easy. A while ago, I made some different (for me) foods from spinach and ricotta parcels to a healthy lemon drizzle cake and totally unhealthy caramel and chocolate tarts – which apparently everyone loved. Now, lets not get too excited, I followed recipes but they were definitely out of my comfort zone and a real accomplishment when they came out looking and tasting good. but. I enjoyed the feeling of success and seeing happy faces chowing down on my little bites of joy!

Make time for friends and family. To go on walks, to play games with, to enjoy the company without just being there for a meal or flying visit. To fully enjoy quality time.

Make up. To make the time to look my best even when I feel my worst when I leave the house. I know this will be controversial but for me, make up is what makes me feel better about myself. To a degree it masks how I am really feeling and so I don’t look like I’ve been blasted in both eyes with golf balls! Even if it’s just a spot of concealer, brows and lashes… that’s all I NEED to feel a smidgen better. Make up free days are for housebound days!

I can add to this list but for now these are the “basics”. Let the challenges continue! I am yet to decide more challenges but have got a couple of ideas. It would be amazing if loads of people challenge themselves and I would genuinely like to hear about them.

If you want the day to day achievements that I’m making, you can follow me on my Instagram. I will do monthly round ups so you get to see what I’m up to.

Have fun in all that you do!

Han xx


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