March 2018 Recap. Time for: my loved ones, my house and me!

What a month! My aim this month as you will know if you read A new page, but the same me. or Challenging myself. 2018 was to make time.

What have I made time for?

Time for me.

  • Writing – I have started posting on my blog again. Well I actually set up a new one and inserted all of my old posts. I wanted a proper fresh start with a real sense of me. Everything from the header photo (a photo of my wedding bouquet) to the content that I want to post. I am a bit of a butterfly so I flit from one thing to another in life so I didn’t think it would make sense for me to have a “just this” kind of blog. Don’t get me wrong, most of the blogs I read are on one or two subjects per writer but I wanted to use mine differently and include everything that I want to write about. I have changed and added the About Me page and the Why I Blog page.
  • Reading – I dug out my huge box of books that I had stored in a corner of my study area. So many of them were from my teaching days so have been able to share some with my nephew. His face lit up when I took the box over for him to have a dive through. I started reading one book that I read during my A level days and just got so depressed reading it that I closed it after the fist couple of chapters. My mum bought me a new book which I am enjoying a lot more. I find myself laughing saying “that’s so me! or, that’s so ____. I now have a designated book area which I love. I also re- read my granddads book. It was the anniversary of his passing this month and he got to see the finished book the day before he died so I thought I’d spend some time remembering all the wonderful things we did together. His book brings him back to life every time I read it!
  • Exercise. I have thoroughly enjoyed my weekly walk… I think it’s been every weekend but one this month that Dan and I have gone for a walk where we only use our phones for photos. Walking hand in hand is my new favourite thing! We reconnect, have space, talk, plan and have some of the best giggles together. When I have felt awful it has still been good to go for a gentle stroll in the fresh air. Luckily I have only had one horrendous (health wise) weekend this month where I just couldn’t function, the rest have been week days but let’s not focus on those!


Time for friends and family.

This March has been so kind to me! It started with my nephew having a snow day off school. I was mid way through doing some housework and heard him laughing (he was only two doors away). I just had to down tools and join in his play. I was the chief photo taker whilst my mum and sister got fully involved. I should also mention the snowy trip and walk I had with Dan. I wrote about it here. On mothers day I went for a little family walk with relatives who were visiting which was something I don’t remember doing before. I had a day of wonderfulness with my mum as well where I treated her to afternoon tea. We also had a family trip to see Peter Rabbit at the cinema. Seeing my sister, mum, dad and nephew all tuck into a pick n mix is something I will treasure forever! I genuinely didn’t know how much my mum liked pick n mix sweets. I’ve always had her as a tin of boiled sweeties or mints kind of mum but I loved sharing the ‘hand in the bag’ club experience with her.

Towards the end of this month I travelled to spend a couple of days with one of my closest friends and my niece. I have made plans to see them and other friends (and treat a relative too) in the not too distant future

Time for the house.

  • Being organised and tidy. – This is a work in progress. As part of a big clean and tidy I had a HUGE clear out of the drawers in the spare room AKA my make up/chilling out room. I have drawers for specific items now and I can easily put my hand on anything that is needed in there. I created more storage space in the master bedroom which has made a huge difference too (no excuse for a floordrobe now – I hope!) Following that, I decided to tackle the crammed coffee table storage and drawers under the TV in the living room. This was my biggest accomplishment if I’m honest. We had a new coffee table to put in there and the old one was just jammed with colouring books, random dvds, books, letters, lego and all sorts of junk. I needed a new place to house the (sorted) coffee table stuff so the drawers got the ‘tip out and sort’ treatment. Amazingly, everything that we wanted to keep has condensed down to one small and one large drawer! I mean, seriously! We hoard waaaaay too much crap! I’m leaving my study area until last! It’s the one place that gives me serious anxiety!
  • Deep clean. – definitely more than a spring clean. I went HAM on the bathrooms.. way too many products! 3/4 used bottles of shampoo, conditioner, bubble baths etc. All gone. Not a waste because I swear there was stuff from years ago so probably out of date. When I say I went HAM I mean I WENT H.A.M! Out with old bins, shower curtain and manky products, in with new plastic ones (I feel they are more hygienic as we can literally bleach and hose them down maybe once a month or something to keep everything fresh). We literally scrubbed the floors and washed the walls too… I am a new me! haha. We are working through every room, there’s only a couple of deep clean ‘projects’ left.


  • ‘Finish’ rooms. I have wanted to add in/change some of the accessories and finishing touches in the house for quite some time. The spare room has always been a bit meh and lacking something to finish it off. I have finished it this month with fake flowers, little decorations and a new fluffy rug. All I would like to buy for in there now is some new cushions to line the wall edge of the bed.


What am I going to keep or drop and how have I managed it?

Firstly, let me add that I haven’t made all of these changes by myself. I have had the hands of Dan at home who has been a huge help. He’s also the one I have to thank for getting out and enjoying the fresh air.

It’s been a busy month as there has been Mothers Day, Dans birthday and as it happened my friends husband has a business trip to China this month too. All of these things kind of landed at the right time for me to not have to make time.

I have chipped away slowly at getting things in the house as I like them and I still have a distance to go but I’m going with the ‘it’s not a race, it’s a marathon’ theory. I’ve really tried to time plan so that I wear myself out to the point of absolute exhaustion. The hardest thing was travelling to spend time with my friend whilst her husband was away. I mean, the time wasn’t the worst but the time management on my part wasn’t brilliant. I came home utterly exhausted but I think part of that was to do with a stinking cold! (The ‘average’ things that happen like colds tend to wipe me out more due to my complex medical conditions).

I am definitely going to continue:

  • Writing,  I love having this creative space to write and post photos.
  • Reading. It’s a great way to switch off and go into another world or just have a great big laugh or cry. I am sometimes just forcing myself into a relaxing place but it does wonders for keeping a healthy mind. 
  • Regular walks. Who doesn’t want fresh air and quality time away from the drone of the TV?
  • Clean, tidy and organised home. Like I said before, still a work in progress but we are getting there. The rewards are immeasurable.
  • Quality time with friends and family. I literally only have one “free” weekend in April! All of the others are specifically dedicated to things that involve friends and family. This makes me happier than words! – I swear that it’s these people that keep me going! My friends and family are medicinal (take prescribed dose at least once a week, wrap up in their love and remember to laugh until it hurts in order to have a happy, healthy life). Oh, how I wish that was all the medication that I needed!

What I am not going to do.

  • Put pressure on myself to do everything all at once. Taking time rather than making time is the best option I think. I don’t really need to make time for these things. They just take time to do so I think best practice is going to be spacing things out so that I don’t have horrendous days!
  • Turn down help when it is offered.
  • Feel bad if I don’t get everything finished straight away. It’s a marathon, not a race!
  • Give up! As cheesy as this sounds it’s true. So often a bad few days health wise can really sink me to feel low about not getting stuff done. It almost makes me defeatist but not anymore. I am going to accept the bad days, wait them out without hating myself and then get straight back on it to get everything done.

I still don’t have an idea for April I might just make it ‘Anything goes April’. I didn’t really keep up with insta posts in march, due to the fact I was spending my time off social media by reading/walking/spending times with loved ones/tidying! What kind of goals do you set yourself? What have you been up to in March?


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