April is here!

Hello again

I am sooooo happy that we finally have some sunshine! Spring is my favourite season so now that the end of the longest winter that I can remember, the enjoyment I felt when I could finally leave the house without my duvet of a coat was immeasurable. A very welcomed day indeed! – All made so much more enjoyable with hearing my little nephew playing and riding his little bike on the garden down the road (I love the fact that I can open the window and wave at him whilst he plays).

This April marks 5 years since Dan and I got Married! Five whole years of me managing to do the the whole “wife” thingy! – It’s the biggest pleasure and privilege to be Mrs S and not that hard a role to be (most of the time).

I feel that the last five years have been a huge adventure therefore the only hashtag I could think of for my Instagram (follow me) photos is #apriladventures. This is also because I don’t have a single weekend this month where something isn’t going to be happening. From seeing friends, celebrating our anniversary and a big family birthday on the calendar, it seems like there’s going to be LOTS to talk about.

What’s happened so far?

The month kicked off with a friend weekend. As it was a longer weekend owing to the Good Friday and Easter Monday bank holidays it was the perfect time to invite our friends from my University days to come up to celebrate Dan’s birthday and have some days out. One of my friends came over on Friday to help me do some shopping and get things organised ready for everyone to be here whilst Dan was out helping his Auntie and Uncle with planning a long walk in the Peak District.

It was really lovely to spend some 1-1 time with my friend. It seems like I am with her quite a lot but there really aren’t that many times when it is just us two.

Planning a weekend for people who are very good friends is actually quite difficult. There are quite a lot of different ‘needs’ that have to be met as there’s me with all of my medical ‘faults’ (my term, no one else’s), a two year old that is in a strict routine, a friend who is half marathon training and a general need to not be confined to the house… and that’s without even starting on what weather was forecast and much things would cost to do!

Dan and I discussed a whole range of ideas. A lot of them were outdoorsy places, some of them required travelling and some were suitable for some but not others. The whole point of being together is that we would be together!

After much teeth and hair pulling (not literally) we came up with an itinerary that we felt would suit us all.

Saturday: Day out to Carsington Water, Derbyshire. It’s about an hours drive from my house so we thought it might have tied in with the two year olds nap time.

Sunday: Easter egg hunt with my family followed by a walk in the local forest, Sherwood Pines and an evening meal at The Rushley.

Our wet weather contingency plan was to go to Magna and/or go to the museum at Donington Park. – we totally forgot that it was the British super bikes Championship taking place at Donington Park on the weekend so luckily Dan remembered when on Saturday we woke to wet, miserable weather!

So on Saturday, once Dan and Serena had arrived home from their sporting activities, we all headed off to Magna. Now, I have only been once before and I wasn’t very old so a lot of it had skipped my mind. My Mum is from Sheffield so Sheffield Steel is very much a part and parcel of our family. Many of mums relatives (and friends of) worked in the steelworks so it’s something I have known about all my life but this museum is an interactive science museum and the different zones are both informative and interactive. our group age range is from two years old to thirty-three years old and every single one of us thoroughly enjoyed our day out. (try pulling a two year old away from watching the fascinating fire tornado or the water room! – What am I saying? Try pulling a thirty- three year old away from it haha). There were so many times that we’d say one more time and then we will look at something else… honestly that was just the adults prising the other adults away at times to let children have a turn! Every hour there was a show called “The Big Melt” which takes place in one of the original electric arc furnaces. It really is a show that grips all of your senses. I will write a whole post on this place because it truly was magnificent! – We had the added bonus of free entry for a year with our purchased tickets! – DEFINITELY going back (our nephew will love it there).

We spent the evening at home eating Chinese (for the girls) and pizza (for the boys) whilst trying to solve riddles and doing pop music quizzes.

On Sunday we had a little egg hunt at our house followed by a bigger one at my parents house. It was so lovely of my mum and sister to have got everyone an egg each and for my mum to have hidden them and written (some very tricky) clues!!! There were eggs hidden everywhere from the darkness of the under stairs cubby hole to the boxes of games in the loft! – great fun and lovely to see smiling faces.

Straight from there we came home for a light lunch before putting on our wellies and warm clothing to head out towards Sherwood Pines. MAAAAN it was muddy! The two year old of the group absolutely loved splashing in the puddles and merrily trundled her way through all of the mud. Now, I was dressed appropriately for a wet, muddy walk but there really is only so much that this townie can take before squelchy mud under foot becomes a bit of a sensory overload. (You know how I explained that the Magna experience was brilliant for the senses? I really have to say that the sheer volume of mud and the darkeness of being amongst trees was not that desirable … continue reading, it’s not ALL bad).

The meal was the best way to end a very full and adventurous weekend. (I didn’t take any photos of the adventures out this weekend – purely because it was so busy and exhausting).

On Monday we woke up to snow. Not just a sprinking but a HUGE blanket of snow! By the time we had been over for coffee and cake at my mums, the roads were clear so Dan, Serena and I wrapped up and went up to one of our favourite places, Ladybower. I have posted numerous photos of it on my Instagram previously and have written about it here. It was more beautiful than ever with the snowy surroundings. A perfect spot to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and soak in the quiet (apart from cascading water) surroundings in fresh, crisp air. For once being cold made me feel incredibly warm. It is such a happy place. The mix of wildlife, scenery and water are the perfect mix. Pure tranquillity!

Dan was off work on Tuesday too so we revisited Sherwood Pines and thoroughly enjoyed a 4.4mile walk!

And I’ve been recovering from the crazy busy weekend ever since!

What’s to come?

  • Our anniversary (and Dan’s birthday gift) weekend away
  • British Touring Car Championships
  • A weekend with a little dude.
  • A BIG birthday celebration
  • A dance Show.

It’s going to be a VERY adventurous month! Fingers crossed brain and co co-operate! It literally is a case of getting over one before a new one arrives so it will be keeping me on my toes for sure!

Keep coming back for more adventures. I’d also love to have any suggestions for future adventures. We are always on the look out for new or different things to do… and a catalogue of things to do is always handy!


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