Feeling inspired… People that inspire me (part 1)

I haven't fully explained why I re-started/refreshed my blog. The person who inspiration to write online again was a lovely blogger called Pascale over at allthingsprettyy (go visit her page). We accidentally "met" on Instagram towards the end of January. Initially I saw a 'like' on a couple of my pictures on my instagram and the comment … Continue reading Feeling inspired… People that inspire me (part 1)

Challenging myself. 2018

If you read my previous post you will have seen that each month I have been setting myself some goals/challenges that I can keep up as part of every day life. All in aid of making my life feel more fulfilled. Coming to the end of 2017, I didn't all of a sudden decide to make … Continue reading Challenging myself. 2018

What is Chiari Malformation?

Hello again,You might have already seen my previous posts and wondered, what on earth is Chiari Malformation?You’re not alone! I’m doing my little bit to raise awareness as I am a “chiarian”, a “chiari warrior”, whatever you want to call it, I have chiari!The science.“In this condition the cerebellar tonsils of the brain descend through … Continue reading What is Chiari Malformation?