Why I Blog

Why do I write this blog?

Some of you might stumble across my blog, see one of my posts and wonder “why is she writing this? what is her purpose?” I get it, I’m guilty of doing that myself when I’ve stumbled across blog posts from time-to-time. The only real experience with writing for a purpose is the multiple assignments, essays and dissertations during my university days, letters to my friends when I was younger, greetings cards and a journal that I kept years ago!
 I don’t really do anything that is majorly ‘different’ or ‘special’ as far as I’m aware. What has drawn me to write a blog is that I have read so many blogs over the years as a cure to what I call ‘Brain condition boredom’. It started reading blogs when I was in hospital for a very long time (there have been multiple trips and stays). I quite often find that I can escape in a blog post so thought why don’t I create my own little escape place?
I am here because I am ‘ill’. I am aware of how heavy all that stuff looks. Don’t worry, I do not want to be someone who constantly moans about the BS that comes with being ill but I figured that I need an outlet. I have something going on that is not in my control but I want to write to give myself a place of reflection, of celebration, to express myself. Something to focus some energy on – something that I can control. Well, at least to the extent of how much I can use my little old worked-to-death laptop and the limited internet knowledge that I do have!
In turn, I hope this will give anyone else that is living with chronic illness something positive to see. To show them that “normal” life things are possible in some form and how I get out of the grey days – the really bad I’m struggling to function! days – they happen quite a lot! I also want other people, “normal” (I hate that word) people to gain from this too. And maybe, HOPEFULLY doctors/ nurses/ care staff/ anyone in the medical profession to take something from this… One day I might write stuff about my “journey” (another word I hate) and we can all be on the path together! Hop on the bus and enjoy the ride *said in my very best holiday rep voice*!

What will you get from reading my blog?

  • Hopefully an insight into my life.
  • Positivity and honesty (which sometimes falls away from positive vibes I guess). I don’t want to be an over edited blogger.
  • Definitely some pictures – my camera (or phone) is constantly with me (unless I’m in the MRI scanner – that would be messy).
  • A view into my world which includes a lot of make up, lots of trips out – I like to explore and go on adventures so you can see what I get up to and just down to earth reading material basically. I am me and that’s all I can give.
  • Hopefully someone you can consider a friend, whether you live with a chronic illness or not; sometimes life just gets heavy and we can all rally together to spread some positivity and love!
Thanks for popping by, I hope this has helped you to understand my reason for starting up this blog. Please feel free to delve into the archives and dust off my old posts, and of course read the new ones too! Be sure to leave me a message and I will do my very best to reply.