About Me

Hiya, I’m Hannah

I’m a forever twenty-one (I wish) year old and have lived most of my life in Nottinghamshire, UK with my husband, Dan.

I’m relatively new to blogging. I mean, I read a lot and then decided that I wanted to create my own little space to document significant thoughts, ideas and inspirations.

I have a Performing Arts degree, a PGCE (teaching) qualification/degree and I am something of a musician (I can play the piano, clarinet and sax). I love all things music from classical to Motown and musicals to rock music. Music has enabled me to perform A LOT in many a venue and I really hope to be able to again in the not too distant future. I haven’t really done any acting/stage work since my uni days but I might do some AmDram in the future and as for teaching – I am qualified and I loved my job but for the moment I am not working due to my ill health. This is what lead me into the blog world… easing the boredom of hours sat in hospitals and waiting rooms!

I am slightly obsessed with make up and pretty packaging of items (yes, I know it is a bit strange). I balance my ‘girliness’ with my love of watching fast (and occasionally dangerous things). Fast cars and planes are my bag! It’s where I get an adrenaline rush. I don’t really fit any of the tom-boy or girly-girl categories. I’m a good mix of both and I’m just me!

I try to be positive despite having numerous challenging days. I think it’s always important to remember that a bad moment wont last forever. Do what makes you happy!

I am very inspired by a lot of people and I’ve always got time to read new blogs from lifestyle and advice pages to travel journals and make up/clothing reviews, hints and tips.

I hope you enjoy my blog. If you want to follow me, I am on Instagram (littlegoldendaffodil). Like, comment and dm. I will read them all.