April adventures: Our Anniversary weekend.

It's hard to believe how fast a week has gone, not to mention how fast the last five years have gone! Last Friday (6th April), Dan and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. He was working a long day shift which meant we wouldn't be seeing that much of each other on the actual day … Continue reading April adventures: Our Anniversary weekend.


Wedding Wednesday – part 1: The engagement.

As I mentioned in my Dreams really do come true post, I have decided to dedicate the Wednesdays of this month (and maybe a few more) to writing about my wedding, my memories, the key decisions, the day and the honey moon. - grab some tissues (or a sick bucket) coz they might get a bit … Continue reading Wedding Wednesday – part 1: The engagement.

March 2018 Recap. Time for: my loved ones, my house and me!

What a month! My aim this month as you will know if you read A new page, but the same me. or Challenging myself. 2018 was to make time. What have I made time for? Time for me. Writing - I have started posting on my blog again. Well I actually set up a new one … Continue reading March 2018 Recap. Time for: my loved ones, my house and me!

Spontaneous trips.

I absolutely love spontaneous adventures. Right from being little, my parents used to 'plan' spontaneous adventures (or a last minute holiday). We had a touring caravan that we would use throughout all of the school holidays. At least once every holiday we would have a 'sparky night'. A sparky night is a midnight adventure (probably … Continue reading Spontaneous trips.

Feeling inspired… People that inspire me (part 1)

I haven't fully explained why I re-started/refreshed my blog. The person who inspiration to write online again was a lovely blogger called Pascale over at allthingsprettyy (go visit her page). We accidentally "met" on Instagram towards the end of January. Initially I saw a 'like' on a couple of my pictures on my instagram and the comment … Continue reading Feeling inspired… People that inspire me (part 1)